About me



My name is Hagar.
At the age of four or five, when I would be asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would answer without hesitation: “a midwife”.

But life turned out differently. For fifteen years I worked as a guide at a democratic school: guiding, enjoying, learning, teaching, discovering with the children. Meanwhile I became a mom of two, who both came to this world in very different ways. Our oldest daughter was born after a very long journey, being pulled out in the hospital by forceps, and our son…ended up gasping his first breath after a C-section.
When I was pregnant with our third child I decided “no more!”
*No more someone else taking over our birthing process.
*No more fear.
*No more being disconnected.
*No more making uninformed decisions.
That was the continuation of a journey that started 10 years earlier during the first pregnancy. A process I apparently had to go through, a journey of growth and trust; alone, and with my husband.
During the entire pregnancy I studied daily. I read books, watched youtube films and dvds, I talked to other women about their birth stories, and we found a wonderful midwife, towards the end of the pregnancy, who was willing to go through this birth with us, our way.
Our youngest daughter was born at home, in water, in front of the fireplace with all of us being at home.
At this point I was so passionate about childbirth, and was reminded of my childhood dream. I wanted to be there for women, help them through their journeys — no matter what they are — help them make informed decisions, pamper them, help them feel loved and supported through such an amazing journey with themselves, their child, their partner. Help them feel empowered!
Even though I have supported friends before, I decided to take a doula course and make it official:)

my base is Órgiva, and I travel gladly to Granada, Motril, Salobreña…

I speak Dutch, English, Hebrew, and some Spanish.