What is a doula and why might you want one?

A doula is a professional who would accompany you during pregnancy, birth, and if needed during the period after. She would be there to listen, give you a hug or a massage, provide you with information if needed, to support you in your decisions. And also, to do all those small things needed during birth, so that you and your partner will be able to be in a bubble of intimacy and quietness in the sacred moment of the birth of your child.


*Is it your first pregnancy and are you walking a path you have never walked before?

*Were you left with trauma’s after your past pregnancy or birth, and would you like to have a different experience this time: more informed and with support at your side?

*Would you like to make informed decisions and take charge of your next pregnancy, following your instincts and surrounded by love?

*Are you alone in this journey and would you like someone to be there with you?